Buying a cave in Spain....

Four days earlier we were in the UK ready to leave and now we were in Spain camped up outside our wreck of a cave. The reality hits you like a sledgehammer, you are as far out of your comfort zone as you can possibly get. However, you also realise at the same time why you made the decision to move. Our agent met us that day and went through the details of paying the final balance and how the process would be carried out.

My bewildered mum however was floundered with the 40 degree heat and simply could not believe what we had bought - the reality had not sunk in (yet) Now from the perspective of someone who knows nothing about caves, thier history etc it is easy to understand how this situation would horrify - particularly as she was leaving her grandson within 24 hours. Our neighbours (the few that we have) kindly showed my mum around there cave which was tastefully reformed and this made her see what was possible.

Wednesday arrives and we are off to the notary,s to sign the contract and pay the remaining balance at the bank - quite a simple process. ( (for more info)The cave was ours! 16000 euros worth of holes in a rock! My mum left the day before and it was just us - here - starting to live the dream. But before dreams come nightmares...

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