Living in a Cave - monthly running costs

An interesting price comparison for those considering cave life here in Andalucia, the figures are approximate!!!!

Figures are "per month" and based on the bills that I pay on my cave compared to a 3 bed semi in the UK - so opinions may differ!

Cave vs UK
Electricity £30 £25
Gas £2 (two) £26
equivilent council tax £0.55 pence £89
Internet broadband £30 £17
TV lisence £0 £9? - cant rememeber!
insurances (life, contents etc) £12 £45
Car insurance £189 £265
Petrol (60ltr full tank)* £40 £62

Some other prices you may find interesting...

Premium lager (case x 24 500ml cans) £9 £22
200 Ciggies (lambert + Butler) £19 £42
XL leg of lamb (very fresh!) £6 £14
Bottle of red wine (rioja) £1.30 £3.50
32" sony widescreen TV £530 £480 (for same model)
bosch grinder £40 £36 (same model)
Cheapest floortiles to be found (per 4m2) £3 £6+???
Dimmer switches £29 £7

Shopping bill (2 adults, 1 child) £250 £400+

As you can see most items are cheaper with the odd exception, internet is very expensive compared to the UK and the service that you get - if you have no landline then you have to go satellite. Reliability and performance vary on who you talk to.

For those who enjoy the odd beer and bottle of wine this part of Spain will make your wallet smile without doubt! Simple maths suggests that if you buy 1 crate of beer per week and 1 bottle of wine then you will save £3650 over 5 years thats 5500 euros, of course everything is relative which we must not forget.

Next week...How not to mix "yeso" (plaster), the differences and for those already in Spain - how to get yeso rapido to last longer than contralado and aquire a glass sheen finish. Not possible? Yes it is!


DCveR said...

Man, I've been checking these links of yours, checking the pix of the caves already 'transformed' and I tell you mybe you guys are in fact bonkers, but this cave business doesn't seem to be proof of that! Good luck with your works.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

how much do you pay for medical/dental exp,

and how do I log on to this blog site ?? it says my log on name is not recognized


cave renovator said...

Hi Gary, Your best bet is to log onto the forum for advice about medical etc etc - its a bit complicated depending on an idividuals situation,

the forum is easy to access :)

gary said...

hello again

i have a pension of £9500 after tax, would i be able to retire on that and what standard of living could i expect ?
i would not have a morgage to pay for and only go out once or twice a week.