Cavehomes, investment or caution??? (part 2)

Any housing market that grows as rapidly as the cave market appears to be doing will at some point have to slow. The UK market will also dictate the the amount of British buyers who at the moment make up 85% of cave buyers if not more. The cave house market is at present still a "cheap" property market but is rapidly extending itself out of peoples reach, I for one and am not afraid to point out that if we had left our purchase in Spain any later we simply could not have afforded to buy a cave - its that simple. If you have a 60,000 euro budget to buy unreformed and do the rest of the work yourself you wont see much change, if plan to buy already reformed for the same budget you wont see any!
One danger could be that caves become only available to the more wealthy in which case by this time next year you wouldnt be reading this...coz I wouldnt be here.
One simple and I think overlooked fact and probably not even thought of by many is if some daft numpty decides to knock through a main supporting wall or digs an extra room without proper advice and then the whole thing collapses on top of them. I have heard of two such cases but both involving Spanish developers (one case just 2 weeks ago) thankfully no-one sustained serious injury. IF the tabloids in the UK got hold of a story like that then the market would be killed overnight.
Caution is required by any potential cave owner, the property is unique and therefore requires a unique approach to living within it, caves do move and minor maintainence is required little and often, before I put the windies up anyone my cave lies on a faultline than runs all the way through Turkey and beyond and we have had 2 earth tremours in the last year and I could not feel safer...the best place to be is a cave! I doubt a new build matchbox on my old estate in Britain would have faired as well.
As for a slump in prices, I very much doubt it but you never know, a multitude of factors effect property growth but my cards are on a continued rise in value with each and every cave.

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