Cavehome Design Ideas...

One of the great things about cave design is that there are no limits, simple things like small dug out shelves like the one pictured below can create an homely feel, spruce up a plain wall and create individuality in every room.

Creating something attractive and functional in the kitchen...

Cant buy one of these in B&Q... Ok it cant be moved but a computer table is only limited by your imagination, this pic is half way through the job, stereos can also go into walls!

If you have the space, interior walls can also break up plain rooms, this is in our living room next to the doorway and comes in handy every day.

Wood (pine, olive, almond) can also look attractive when stained and varnished to "finish" any shelves or cubby holes, or can be fixed to walls to create a fake beam effect. I have used a couple of 9"x5" bricks with the corners cracked off as shelves, simply srewed onto the wall plastered with yeso then painted - simple rustic shelving.

The sky really is the limit!

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