Cavehouse Electricity Supply (part 2)

This section deals a little bit with the paperwork involved in getting your electricity connected once all the donkey work of installation has been completed. The following information is based on our own experiences so may differ slightly from area to area.
The first port of call is generally your local town hall where you need to get a "certificado de la primera instalaccion." This is a document stating that this is the first time the property has an electricity supply. If necessary, you will also pay your "enganche de la luz" This is the (rather large) fee payable to the town hall allowing you to be connected. As mentioned earlier this may be different depending on where you live. Make sure you keep a copy of the bank receipt as proof of payment as you will need this later on.
You then need to go to your local Sevillanas office to make a contract before you can be supplied. Take with you the above documents, plus a copy of your passport or NI number and your bank details. You also need the "certificado de instalaccion electrica de baja tension" which your electricion will give you once he has completed the installation and it has been approved.
When you make your contract, you will be asked what supply you want. We have 3.3 which is the minimum and for us is perfectly fine. We do not have an electric cooker or kettle, nor do we have any electric heaters so if you use a lot of electrical appliances you may wish to ask for the maximum which I believe is 5.5, you can also get 4.4.
Once the contract is signed, an appointment will be made for an engineer to come out and connect you, this is usually done within two or three days. Be aware that Sevillanas take out all the charges relevant to your new supply quite quickly after the contract is signed, they won't necessarily wait until your first bill comes in.
As you can see from the picture below getting electricity installed is not so much as a luxury but a necessity!
Below is an early photo of our central room in the cave, This room now boasts lights, television, DVD and 5.1 Dolby digital sound system.

If you wish to increase your supply to 5.5 from anything lower then the process is pretty straightforward. Take a copy of your origional contract or bill to the Sevillanas office and ask for an increased supply. The assistant will then make the changes and a new contract will be made. The increase in supply comes into effect almost straight away.

However, if you wish to increase your supply even more up to say 7 or 8, then unfortunately it is a much more complicated process.........

Another very early shot of the main bedroom, now with wall lights in each corner, sockets and two - way switches

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Sally said...

Hi, this is a follow up to my earlier comment regarding the problems I am having getting my electric supply upgraded to 5.5. Since I have heard nothing since calling into the office with Gayle way back in March, I went back to the Sevillana office in Huescar and spoke to the not-very-pleasant assistant. She made a phone call and then I THOUGHT she told me that you have to have lived her for more than 20 years before you can apply for an upgrade. I was so surprised that I got her to write it down to make sure I'd understood her correctly. This is what she wrote: "necesito saber si la vivienda tiene mas de 20 anos". What's that all about, I understood it was easy to upgrade???