Gardening.......Se Vende

With the start of Spring we have been expanding the garden - temperatures over the last few days have been touching nearly 30 degrees in the sun so we thought it was about time to plan ahead for the summer.... Out in the campo the earth is not the best for gardens, you can find compost in any good hardware store which normaly retails for €1 a bag.

When it rains the normal topsoil creates a mud like consistancy and when the sun comes out this hardens to a near concrete shell - in short only the most hardy of plants will thrive. The best solution is to source manure, our neighbours on the other side of the hamlet sell horse manure, suprisingly the locals dont use it. We have now "turned" our garden with this manure and have seen the results from the year before at the house where we bought it from....

This is what they grew:

Red/green/chilli peppers

Normally, given the quality of the soil this would not be possible so a fertilizer is required, this will obviously differ greatly depending on area. Horse manure is available and will help promote any garden ranging from a simple raised bed or something more complexed.

Favour for a friend!: If you are looking for a fertilizer and live in or around Orce/Galera/Huescar etc then you can purchase 40litre bags of manure or it can be delivered by the trailer. Email or pm me via the new forum.



Anonymous said...

you need some rock dust/crystals too
trace minerals necessary not just organic

Anonymous said...

please add some trace minerals to compliment the organic