Red Rocks & Mushrooms

Sunday morning what do you do? Ring up some friends and see if they want to go mushroom picking. I remember years ago picking mushrooms near the farm where I lived in northern England, this however is a little different... Mid morning we jumped in the jeep - beer and sarnies fully packed and headed off to one of the highest points surrounding the local village.

After a somewhat bumpy ride through the campo and up the mountain we found a spot near some attractive red rocks and set up camp for a few hours - great for the kids and relaxing way to spend a morning. The rock is stained by the high concentration of iron in the area and although the locals had had the best of the lot we still managed to collect some attractive coloured rock for the garden.

As for the mushrooms....not many about..!

Living rural can present a number of opportunities for walking, mountain biking and going out in the 4x4 - which is my favourite. Find a track, head for the mountains and see where you end up, there are a suprising amount of picnic areas/old mines/watch towers and other interesting places to see in places where you would expect nothing at all, and the views....


Pebbles said...

I know exactly what you mean - my sister and bro-in-law are really looking forward to moving out here and discovering the area in a 4x4 (unfortunately my little peugeot might be a beast but it cant go up the mountain roads).
I am soooooo excited for my day out mushroom picking tomorrow, we are heading up to the mountain beyond Pozo Alcon - will let you know if we have much luck.
Ramon isn't too impressed that we are leaving at 8am!! he he!

Imagemaker said...

CR - you're just loving it aren't you, your life in Spain.......what did we do Sunday? We went to Blackbushe Market near Basingstoke! Lots of mushrooms there you know - mostly on two legs and buying cheap jumpers for grandad for Christmas..Te,He!!

Sue said...

P.S to the above message - I no longer have any Grandads, so I bought 3 pairs of woolly walking socks to wear with my hiking boots for when we go out to explore the Altiplano......:)

Pebbles said...

Had a fab day out looking for the wild mushrooms. Set off at 8am and ended up going into the Sierra de Seguras. One of the days highlight was 2,300m up the Sagra mountain - what a view!

Between me and Ramon we found 4kg of mushrooms and his Dad also found 4kg (well he is more experienced than us!!!).

Really enjoyed it, got back exhausted.

There is something so satisfying about eating something you have worked hard to obtain - it even tastes better!!!