Cave, Cortijo & Land - For Sale

A very large unreformed cave for sale. Situated near the village of Orce this cave is next door to a cortijo which is also in need of renovation. A very large plot of land (size tbc but approx 5000sqm)belongs to the cortijo some of which is irrigated, there is also a small unreformed cave on this land. Opposite the cortijo there is a large out-building which could be converted into a rental property.

Access is very good and electricity and water are close by. The price for the whole plot including the caves and cortijo is 85,000 euros. A meeting with the owner can be arranged to discuss price. Both cave and cortijo have all the relevant paperwork.

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Atila The Nun said...

A Very good buy all things considered and one that I would go for if I had the available funds.

Good pics CR gives you an feel for the place.


Atilla X