Yeso - patching up

More cracks in the plaster...due to movement of the cave and also the higher than usual indoor temperatures through having the stove lit most of the afternoons and evenings. Just hairline cracks mind - nothing serious but maintainence little and often is the trick. All the cracks are at the front of the cave again (same as last year)

We tackle the job by scoring around the crack by about an inch or so then gently tapping away the plaster and paint creating a V shaped channel - this gets to the bottom of the crack exposing the cave rock behind. Then a generous amount of yeso rapido is pushed into the exposed area (rapido because its quicker and sets slightly harder)By applying and pushing in more yeso than you need to means that the plaster is finding its way behind the existing wall - this sets between the plaster wall and the cave rock. Similar kind of concept as squirting expansion foam into a cavity wall. For us it works well and adds strength to the wall as well as helping to bind unseen dry crumbling cave rock behind the plaster finish.

Same place every year, the window is a weakness in the cave front so cracks will usualy appear around the frame (always at the bottom corners)

Always keep a bag of rapido handy in a cave, its almost essential!

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Cream said...

Passed your neck of the woods last Saturday on my way to Granada and the Alhambra... Saw the sign to Orce and thought you might be around there.
And you had your fair bit of snow!!!
Thanks for the invite!