Caves, Beer & Good Company

There is nothing like sitting in the neighbours garden drinking an ice cold beer straight from the fridge and having the opportunity to pick up on some Spanish lingo at the same time. Blazing hot sun but being shaded by the trees and glancing over to admire the mountain view - bliss. Sometimes the computer just has to be ignored for a few hours to be replaced by good friends, beer, conversation and that little taster of true Spanish atmosphere.

Spanish beer - as good as any continental beer depending on your brand, my poison was Stella Artois back in the UK but can we get it here? NO. Ok it is available in the coastal regions but as much as I like it a 2 hour drive is a little daft just for a crate of beer!

So... San Miguel is the next best thing!

The above piccy is of a beer from Belgium....aquired by our neighbours every year they tend to bring something different every time they visit. This one looks quite tame at first glance until you look at the label and see its 8.5% - 3 bottles and its siesta time. Anything titled "Devils Vengance" isnt going to be shandy, "Forked Tongue" is a good one as is "Hellfire".

Our neighbours dont even drink the beer they bring it just a gift for the "mad english"

Roll on Summer :)

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Cream said...

We sell San Miguel on draught and bottles of Corona...
My poison is an ice cold Bud.