Building a Pergola - Stage 3

The roof... Our other pergola has a bamboo roof but this time we decided on grass - this is very popular in the region, is functional and with a rustic look. Where to buy it: Ferosan in Huescar, do ask for it though as is not displayed in the shop! The guy behind the counter will direct you into the store house where the rolls of grass are stocked. They come in three sizes.

5m x 1m
5m x 1.5m
5m x 2m

We bought two 5m rolls by 2m width and the cost after regular discount was 41 euros.

Fitting: the first roll is always the easiest to fit as you will have access on all sides, however a thick guage wire is essential for the roll to sit on so it doesnt sag in between the beams. Using staples we tied the wire as tought as possible every 24 inches (approx) The roll of grass can then be laid on top. Quick note - the roll isnt actualy a roll, well it is but rolled into the centre from both ends, when laying the grass place it in the middle of the beams and unroll each side left and right.

The second lot of grass has to placed in situ differently. Tacking onto the beams as you go (otherwise its impossible to reach over)

Once in place the grass needs to be secured, we tacked the edges onto the wooden beams using 1 inch staples. There is wire running through the grass every 5 inches - this needs to be twist tied onto the wire it rests on aswell, with such a large area to cover its best to secure the grass at as many points as possible to withstand gusts of wind etc. On the top of the beams we secured the grass with some 5 inch flat brackets although this lengths of wood will do. This gives a larger surface area to clamp the grass onto the beams and has a better purchase than simple staples.

Job done and and extra room outdoors, very rustic and the all important shade created, from the power point through the nearest window we laid 4 outdoor lights with 40w bulbs so at night the pergola comes alive.

Costs involved:

Grass roof 41 euros
1 bag cement 4.50 euros
wood beams 150 euros (@7 euros per meter, round poles are 5 euros per meter)
misc - staples etc we already had these but budget an extra 10 euros

Around 205 euros for total cost, the frame once treated will last the distance, the grass roof may need to be replaced every 5 or 6 years.


Atila The Nun said...

Will try and find some time to come and see you and test out the new structure with a cold beer in hand

Cream said...

Looks like you'll be enjoying many cold beers under that pergola, CR. Didn't manage to get further down than Murcia this time but enjoyed 8 days of sun, sea, wine and good food.

cave renovator said...

Atila: no worries, any cold beer welcomed in this cave

Cream: Glad you had a good time, maybe next time, the pergola and beer will be at the ready:-)

Pergola's and cold bacon and eggs.