The Spanish Cactus

Now why I am talking about a plant that doesnt particularly look all that nice, grows big and has thorns? Well the cactus in rural parts is quite a common site - by the roadside in some places, in cave gardens and more often that not on small hillsides or embankments just where the the old sewerage pipe used to leak out. Any old cave on a hill with a cactus over the hillside approx 5m down by gradient from your toilet will have been thriving on well..crap for years.

In some very old caves - certainly not the modernised ones you see today there would have been no bathroom - the cactus was used instead as some say it absorbed the waste at such a rate it was a viable option to go and do your stuff. Of course today its very different but the cactus still remains in abundance so if you have a gathering of these plants at the end of the garden its a possibility that they were the cave toilet in days gone by.

Lovely stuff, next up...buying beef in rural Spain, where to get the best and some ideas on what to do with it.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be a bit "painful" to sit on, joke.

Kate said...

nice! we have got a huge cactus plant at the bottom of the garden! and next door has too. lovely!