Cave Security

For our cave security we opted for one of the most effective versions available. The good thing about this type of alarm is that it gets louder and louder and grows bigger every day...below is a pic of the new instalation at 12 weeks old.

....and 8 months later

Big Brother is always on hand as back-up. Meet Ricky - he is a rescue GSD from Malaga and highly experienced in the matter of security. Ricky we think was called "whisky" by his previous owner but in the Andaluz accent sounded like Ricky so the name was changed, slightly. Read Rick's story HERE - not the best I,m sure you will agree.

So beware anyone who attempts to break into our cave! This pair of big beasties are not guard dogs, just great family pets that make lots of noise when required and being gsd's are very protective by nature.

Thieves be warned...


Atila The Nun said...

AWWWW shucks what poppets, I mean that in a mean and mincing security way ! Jeez CR they are fantastic, thanks for the piccies I was sooooooo looking forward to seeing them. :-))

It is me but for some reason this feck** thing will not take my pass or user. I would post a comment on this but I think I might be feeling too polite :-))

Hey I know of another cave for sale you might be interested in, send me a mail....Please :-)

DCveR said...

I would gladly see Ricky's previous owner caged in such a small space. Cruelty to animals is just as bad as cruelty to children.

Cream said...

Our dog-loving neighbours have rescued two dogs in the three years they have been in Spain. I wouldn't want to be controversial but it seems that more dogs are beaten and abandoned in Spain than back here.
Good looking dogs, by the way!

Kate said...

We have rescued four dogs in 2 years!!! However I am not sure they would be any good for security. They might lick you to death!!!!

cave renovator said...

Atila: The pup is finding his feet now - becoming a real handfull, so intelligent though.

DC: I agree, its hard to believe that anyone can subject a dog to these conditions, I saw the enclosure and it was horrendous.

Cream: Your right. There are many dog lovers in Spain and the vets are excellent, however I think its a culture difference, there are so many mis-treated dogs in Spain - many/most of the Spaniards dont regard them in the same way as people in Britain do.

Kate: Its hard to say no...