Caves and Peppers

One thing to notice around the rural parts of Andalucia is the hanging of peppers on the exteriors of buildings. There are two reasons for this, when the peppers are naturaly dried in the sun they can be used in various recipes as an important ingredient the other reason is the Matanza Ever wondered why the Spanish chorizo has that deep red colour? Well its all down to paprika and the humble red pepper.

Pics of a cave in Orce village displaying some peppers outside the door. Very Andaluz and a typical sight around late summer.

Photos courtesy of our good friend Monica.


sal said...

Fantastic photos, CR. Where's this cave in Orce? There's one just along from us which is used for storing tools but always has a string of peppers hanging outside. I've always wondered why and now I know, so thanks for that.

cave renovator said...

Sal: Not sure where the cave is to be honest, could be in your barrio though, Next time you leave Orce the house next to the new roundabout normaly has huge strings of peppers hanging from August time.

DCveR said...

This side of the border it's called "matança"... but other than that the scenery is pretty much the same. :)

Figs Olives Wine said...

This is one of my favorite sights! I think I must have 100 photos of pepper stringing and drying from a stay in Guadix, but I never grow tired of the image. Beautiful post.

cave renovator said...

figs olives wine: thanks for popping by and for your comments, glad you enjoyed the pics. Nice blog you have too!