Living in a cave - a typical conversation...

1) Alright mate, pleased to meet ya"
2) Hi, hows it going, nice to meet you"

...bla bla bla (usual pleasantries)

1) So where you from then?
2) Newcastle originaly but now living in Spain

1) Oh right, made the move then and buggered off to better climes, good on ya
2) Yeah, it was a good move, certainly better weather!

1) So where in Spain?
2) In the south, Andalucia in the Granada region, pretty rural...

1) Not on the costa del crime then?
2) No, up in the hills, you know, real Spain..

1) Champion, always wanted to do that. So What kind of place you got then?
2) Nice place up in the hills, great views, 10 rooms, big garden, love the place - we live in a cave.

1) Eh?
2) A Spanish cave house


1) Heard about Carol Smillie talking about one of them places a few years back.., so you live in one of them caves?
2) Yup

1) Do you have, like, water and all that?
2) Funnily enough, yes. On mains

1) And what about electric? You got proper lights and everything? Is it not damp? and what about the windows? Any windows?
2) Three windows, a front door, lights, internet, electrics the lot.

1) Christ! Internet aswell! hows that like?
2) A box that bounces signals...sits on the cave roof..

1) Hells teeth, so non of them staglegtitty things hanging off the roof dripping water then?
2) No

1) So....errrrm do you go underground?
2) Not so much under but "in" the cave is dug into the mountain side

1) Bloody hell, is it not claustrophobic?
2) No not unless you are, high ceilings, big rooms and just like a house - imagine a bungalow in the UK... just underground.

1) Aye right, must be dark though being under ground and all that..
2) Not really, slightly darker than a matchbox built semi that costs 3 times the price maybe.

1) Council tax?
2) Yup, went up last year, not happy

1) Stuffed on ours and they never even get the bins every week now 25 different coloured bins to fill an all!, costs us 130 quid a month, whats yours up to?
2) About 8 quid in UK pounds..

1) Eh? bloody madness that!
2) A year..

1)...@@#$$%%^*&(&^^ hell!

To be continued...


Dave (V.dubber) said...

Heard that almost word for word so many times!

Imagemaker said...

Me funny!

Krimo said...

Was really good!
The poor guy is going to commit suicide!

Always Travelling said...

Awesome - who wouldn't kill to live in a cave in Spain? Especially considering the rent I play for less than a shoebox in the Netherlands. But...I think you left off a question. At least, I'd have asked it:
So....did you dig it yourself???

cave renovator said...

We have dug some room extensions for extra space - damn hard work! Incredible how the cave was dug over 100 years ago, mind you the entire Spanish family would have been on site...more hands and all that