Do you eat rustic?

What is it about Andalucia and her food? I was watching a tv programme last week about Spanish food and the presenter described Spanish food in general as being commonly regarded as second tier to that of Italian food etc. Nonsense!

Food plays and almost is Andalucian culture in some respects... Granada, the only region in Spain that hands out free tapas, the paella - a poor mans campo meal which is now world famous, cured hams etc etc

Cooking on the BBQ... No fancy serviettes, gas bottles or even charcoal - just wood, the true rustic way to cook your Spanish meal should you choose.

Watch out for those flavours! Smokey outdoor BBQ's add a real Spanish taste...funny how food tastes different outside as a pose to being cooked in the kitchen.

...and sardines, regularly available and great lunchtime racione, plenty of bread and of course the all essential olive oil.

Cooking rustic may not be for everyone, sometimes though along with the neighbours, Spanish sun, some music, a bottle of tinto and real basic food packed full of flavour along the the atmosphere is good enough!

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Krimo said...

My kind of life... Outdoor eating!
Shame it is still freezing up here.