Cave Doors...

Choosing a door for your cave...Which way to go? Old restored original cave doors command high prices but they are fantastic, with a refurbished lock and a key probably 8 inches in length the set up provides the ultimate rustic entrance. Out of our budget though! We settled for a custom made door with a hatch and window. Your carpenter will make you anything you like so it pays to be specific. Stable doors are common and practical too for interior design aswell as main doors.

Our old door - good stick wood!

Fitting is definatly a two man job if not three, the door will come "braced" in its frame and will be heavy! A good 4/5 coats of varnish will be required before fitting also. On the outside of the frame you will have metal spikes hammered in at angles - these need to be cemented/yeso,d into the wall where the edge of the frame will go. The job is tricky and it will all depend on your walls and measurments. We cemented the base of our frame into the ground for extra stability.

Fitting the door with some welcome help...! - BIG THANKS

and an interior shot of the door in place.

We paid 380 euros for this door and its been worth every cent, the lock alone would cost £70 in the UK. The build quality is excellent and with the thickest point being nearly 4" it is quite a substantial door indeed. The carpenter has also fitted some iron-work over the hatch and the exterior side is dotted with black studs to compliment the handles and hinges.

Next up... "what? you live in a cave?" Just for a laugh...! my perception of myth and reality.

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