Cave Life: Myth + Reality

Sometimes it amazes me what people think, a while ago I ran a poll asking "how many Fred Flinstone jokes have you heard in the past 6 months?" 32 people replied with an average answer of "2". Ok so we all hear it from time to time - to be expected I suppose. However, if you visit my site its likely that you have your own cave or plan on buying one.... Do people think you are mad???? The normal response is usualy a blank look or "oh yeah, think I saw them on the tv"

Some people though just have no clue at all, here is a quote I pulled off another forum:

aren´t humans supposed to evolve, not go back to the stone age just to save money. you have just paid ***,000 euros for a cave. think about it.. a cave. a big hole in a rock on a mountain. do you have a club and a pet tiger too? is your real name wilma? christ, i´m sure that everyone who moves to spain leaves their brains at the airport. would you ever consider living in a cave in the uk ? i doubt it very much.
Home sweet home...

and....bringing home the dinner

Unfortunatly I couldnt find any pics of our local sabre-tooth and Dino,s done a runner... The stereotypical image of a cave is obviously a damp hole in the ground etc but who on earth in their right mind would think that we live in those conditions? Are they mad? Tell the mis-informed that you have phone/electricity/TV/internet etc and your going to get a look like you have three heads. The spanish are also buying up caves and holding onto the ones they have as they have quickly realised the desirability of these unique dwellings.

The reality of cave life is very different (as we all know) I for one am happy living in a part of Spain where the Spanish come on holiday. Take a look at a superb example of a cave here: nothing primative about that. Caves are ecologicly friendly, economical to run, safe and unique, the way of life (if you choose it) that goes with them is well suited to those in search of real Spain.

See more caves on these sites:

Ok, the local volcano has just errupted so I better get off and round up my herd of woolly mammoths.


cream said...

I go to a restaurant in San Miguel de Salinas on the Costa Blanca called Las Cuevas! Really amazing how the troglodytes carved it out the rock to make it their home...
Must be great, sometimes...

cave renovator said...

Hi Cream, Thanks for your comment, certainly is amazing. Love your comment because its points out a restaurant can be made out of a cave - great stuff, we have a few around our area in Andalucia too.(houses now restaurants - now they will think ,I,m crazy)

Do like your blog - will be popping in from time to time


Emilio said...

Hi CR,
Difficult for those who have never visited a cave imagining what it is like. I had also read that quotation and answered him.

Thanks for the link.


cave renovator said...

Emilio, Difficult it is, I myself had no idea until 2 years ago, difference is some people have an open mind and others dont.

Then again thats what makes the world turn, if we were all the same and had the same views it would be a boring place...


hobbes said...

CR - nice cave. I have a caveman and a couple of caveboys I could send around if you're interested...

Janet said...

Hi CR, thanks so much for your kind comments on my site.( and I don't think you are crazy for living in a cave.)My brother and I used to do quite a bit of cave exploring in my younger days.I always thought the stable temperature of a cave would make for wonderful energy savings.I've taken a look through your blog...and I'll be back when I have more time!

Spainblog said...


You had me rolling around the floor with this one, clutching my sides and tears streaming down my face :-))

Seems I am about to join the mad people....whoo hoo!! I complete on our house on Thursday, hand over the keys and rush down to pay the deposit on our cave.

And you know what my name is on a particular forum.....Yep

I think it is pretty cool to be one of the different ones I mean we are quite unique!!

cave renovator said...

Hobbes: Thanks for the offer but I think I have enough cave boys already! great blog btw

Janet: Thankyou, energy savings are a key point, we wouldnt ever go back to a conventional house like we used to have- if you ever get the chance to stay in a cave do it, its a great experience.

Spainblog: Great news on the house!, judging by your last email (which had me pmsl) I think your deffo mad enough to join us "crazy cave dwellers" CR

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if cave homes come up for rent, if so how much is the average and condition.
My e-mail is and Im moving over soon.