Caves and Caravans...

"Eh?, You moved to Andalucia in August and stayed in a caravan? - you must have been mad"

Well here it is, our home for nearly 14 weeks, Mad? well probably yes. I wouldnt do it again to be honest, in any case it only had to be done once. On a limited budget the option to rent nearby wasnt really an option at all because it would have eaten away at valuable "dinero" so a cheap caravan was bought coupling up as a good trailer to bring all of our wordly goods (hence no dinero spent on removal companies either)

The caravan served its purpose well and was sold for twice what we paid for it. Living in it however was a bit testing at times although the whole experience hasnt done any of us any harm at all. The biggest problem was getting washed in the shower after a days work digging trenches etc, not easy in a shower designed for an elf...

The heat in August was simply incredible, the caravan turned into an oven. It was essential that our cave was habitable by winter or we would have had to deal with the other extreme in temperature, February 2005 saw minus 18 degrees. So 2 adults, a child and a German Sheperd in a 3 berth caravan - it was fun, cosy, annoying, testing, hot, memorable and something to look back on and say "it was all worth it".

15 months later I,m sitting behind my computer writing this blog and it seems like a distant memory....the message however is that it moving to rural Andalucia can be done on a limited budget. We saved an absolute fortune moving to Spain the way we did, here are some examples...

No removal company..............................saved 1400 euros
No rent for 14 weeks...............................saved 1300 euros
Living on site............................................saved 500 euros
Caravan re-sale.......................................profit 500 euros

3700 euros saved, that in a nutshell bought our kitchen appliances, tv, bathroom suite, plaster, sand, cement, floor tiles, etc etc etc so well worth it. One important thing to remember to anyone thinking "we might be able to do it you know" is the conversion rate between the pound and the euro - you get significantly more for your money in rural Andalucia, so £950 spent on a removal company converted to euros can actualy build you a full rustic kitchen and probably another room too instead. For our own situation and budget the way in which we approached the whole move paid off without question.

So, yes it is possible especialy if you are prepared to "rough it" for the short term - in the end it is definately worth it, particularly from a satisfaction and sense of acheivement point of view.


sally said...

I know we've talked about it a lot, but I'm full of admiration for you guys living in that caravan in the intense heat - I'm sure I would've melted! But, I totally agree that if you're prepared to "rough it" a bit things do come good in the end and, I think, you appreciate them all the more. Good luck for 2006, see you soon x

Spainblog said...

Loved that post CR especially the bit about the shower designed for an elf. Having met you I can understand that

That must have been one hell of an experience for 14 weeks cos that caravan does not look big.

cave renovator said...

Hey Sal, I have the feeling 2006 holds much potential...Thanks for your kind comments. Remember you also took on a huge operation too, the transformation is unbelievable with your cave and a prime example of what can be done.

Van, the caravan wasnt big (tell me about it) lol, Thanks for the comment, 2006 will also hold fortune for you too I think, having seen your new purchase I reckon it has heaps of potential, certainly in the right spot and with your plans will be an absolute beauty.


Janet said...

We have done a lot of traveling with a camper and van. I'm always glad to be back after a week or so. (14 weeks...sheesh!) I can't imagine. Oh, I like your BBQ,too.