Orce Caves

Some excellent examples of caves to rent. Situated in Orce these caves have been reformed recently and were renovated from scratch. Some of the caves used be used as animal housing and have been extended using the local JCB. Most have 2 bedrooms, kitchen, diner and ample living space.

The owners own a local restaurant and offer a package where you can take advantage of their eating establishment too. Both the village and restaurant are 5 minutes walk from the caves.

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Pebbles said...

For some reason I cant get on this link - I have tried many times before in the past and cant get the site??????

cave renovator said...

Apologies Pebbles, your absolutley right the link doesnt seem to work yet.....we spoke to the owners just yesterday and they told us it was iminent, apparently the caves will soon have their own dedicated site instead of being linked up to La Mimbrera too so it should be worth the wait, all I can say is watch this space! will be linking up too to both sites so when I know you,ll know!