Winter to Spring in the mountains

Sunny Spain......? Well that all depends on where you go, here in cave country you can either enjoy or tolerate the extremes in temperature. Many cave villages are 3000ft above sea level and as general rule hold a temperature lower than that of the coastal regions. In winter you can expect -20 degrees overnight and in summer daytime a very hot 47 degrees+ in August. Spring is very short here in the Sierra de Maria, indeed blink and you will miss it, the photo below was taken 3 days ago but come next week the whole campo will come alive with colour and life.

The caves however maintain a steady temperature - this is true but dont expect a constant 18 degrees all year round, this simply is not the case. The reality is that a cave is warm in the winter and cool in the summer but you will need a fire or alternative heating in the winter. In March you can BBQ during the daytime but may still need a cosy warm fire come the evening.

The fresh air first thing in the morning at this time of year is a joy, as is the landscape and snow-capped mountains, sometimes you feel close to nature and a world away from artificial heating, traffic jams and crowds milling around the ever lasting January sales. Sound good? well its not for everyone, for those considering cave life permanently its a good idea to visit at different times of year if you can especially in the winter to actually see and experience the region at its coldest time.

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