Carnival Time!

In March of every year the local villages have a carnival. The photo below is the one we went to with our son, its a great way to meet people and indulge in something that we would not have found in the UK. Not knowing what to expect we went along and found the village hall ready prepared for a live band, tables laid out for the kids party etc etc.

The younger kids were all dressed up....lemons, strawberries, oranges, pirates, super-heros etc. To begin, there was dancing to the music provided by the local band. One of our local shop owners was a hit as a singer and trumpet player - we had no idea!!! There followed acts performed by the little ones and groups of children, dancing and singing.
It was a great afternoon and the kids loved it which is the most important thing. For us another opportunity to sample village life was greatly enjoyed.


nyasha said...

lovely post - just discovered it today. looking forward to more pictures of the renovated "cave". My husband and i are looking into moving abroad and starting a similar project. maybe we can get some ideas from your blog!

cave renovator said...

Eastern Butterfly: thanks for your comments, glad you like my blog!

where are you planning to move to?

btw, just had a look at your weblog - its a good read! keep it up :)

nyasha said...

we are looking into moving to the country next door: Portugal ;) We are currently looking into rustic fields.

cave renovator said...

Portugal is a country full of culture - a good choice! I hope this blog helps with any works you intend on carrying out, I can also reccommend a good book "Finca" by Alec and Erna Fry, its rock bottom basics about renovating a finca in Spain, might be usefull.

Also a good blog from Portugal and in english is Dcvers Twilight zone, he,s left comments on here in the past or you can search him on google - its a very good read.

Hope this helps, let me know how you get on with the plans and the best of luck!!! CR