Olive wood

This is the first time we have ordered olive wood, in the past it has always been almond. This time however we requested the smaller size - last year when we aquired our almond for the winter it was fantastic but we are still left with 7 pieces of knarled trunk which wont fit the fire - ok if you have access to a chain saw. So why order wood for the summer? Because it never comes in wrong, the smaller sized wood is ideal for burning on the BBQ on summer nights and last way longer than pinewood or charcoal and gives off a lot more heat for a longer duration.

The pic below shows €195 of olive wood - to be honest the photo does not give the quantity justice, but this will see us for next winter.

View from the garden 8.00am, priceless.

todays cave temperature: 20 degrees


cream said...

I remember in Majorca seeing all the things that were made using olive wood, from ashtrays to lamps, etc...
The view is definitely PRICELESS!!!

cave renovator said...

Cream: I know the kind of goods you mean - am practicing at the moment.. And yup that view is great we enjoy it everyday...keep up the good work :)