Day to day life....

Sometimes when you have a day with no plans its just best to pop down to the shops, get a few bits in and enjoy one of the reasons why you came to inland Spain in the first place

"Juanjo's" best shop in Orce!!

Juanjo grows most of his own organic veg, there is always something to choose from... and its 100% fresh, a far cry from our local Tesco,s back home where fruit and veg all has to be a certain size/grade and wrapped in plastic.

Stopping off for a coffee...a view from our local

and the drive to the village,

Todays cave temperature: 18 degrees


cream said...

CR, I envy you! I really do!
Juanjo's shop looks better than a million Tesco's or Asdas put together!
By the way the last picture looks a bit like Durham from far away with a view of the Cathedral!

cave renovator said...

Cream: now that you mention it....mmm Durham it could be indeed. Tesco/ASDA? give me Juanjo,s anyday!! ok you cant buy a TV but when it comes to fresh food...

Monkfish next Friday....;)