Curtains vs Doors

One of the most common question people ask is does the cave have rooms? Do you go underground? and how many windows does it have? Well yes a cave does have rooms in our case 9. There are various ways in which you can seperate rooms in any property, however a cave is unique and should be treated so if you are looking for a traditional effect. At this point I will say that it is most certainly down to personnal taste and ideas, with some caves looking more like London flats interior wise it all depends on what you want. Circulation of air is a good idea and in rooms like a kitchen an extractor fan is a good idea as will be a vent axia in the bathroom - with 2m thick walls though this is possible if sometimes a little difficult.

So keeping up with a tight budget and also tradition we opted for curtains, the material is available from textile shops and will cost around €8.00 a metre - (this material will need to stiched later) Inland Andalucia has its own curtain designs which are unique to the area so you are sure to be "hanging" some traditional Spain

Cr juniors bedroom just off the main living room

Kitchen - nothing here because nothing needs to be, again air circulation is beneficial

Bathroom: needs a door for obvious reasons. Pine door 2 panel inc hinges and handles etc, braced €130.00

Bedroom door off the bar/tv room, pull it back for air, close for privacy.

Doors are more and more common in caves nowadays, prehaps its the northern european influence of needing security and privacy and there is nothing wrong with this. I do prefer curtains though and doing things in the way in which we did....doors €1170, curtains €130. So curtains it was anyway!


Stable doors: Stable doors are fantastic for interior cave design

Half doors: good idea too and afterall why not for an office or library room?

Hatches: for caves with a lower room or wine cellar

Arches: with a normal door but with glass blocks above to optimise light

Windows: an interior door with not glass but bars traditional to Andalucia

Todays cave temp: 17 degrees


DCveR said...

Curtains look much nicer if you ask me. And when you look at the doors in most modern houses, interior doors that is, they are usually kept open anyhow.

cave renovator said...

Dcver: Very true DC, we have a friend who has mixed modern with rustic and it looks very well indeed. In our cave though it had to be curtains even if doors had been in the budget.

cream said...

Definitely curtains and if they're held back with wrought iron hooks and ornate rails...all the better!

It all looks beautiful, CR!

MamaDuck said...

Hi there. Thanks for the flag! I remember when you wrote about movement, and having to patch yeso. Will you have to shave or fill doorframes from time to time?

I was watching the Pilot Guide to Southern Spain this evening, and the traveller has a flamenco lesson in a cave house; this fact passed me by last time I watched, but this time I was waving at my husband to look! look! a cave house! Looked good, too. How far north does the tradition extend, do you know?

Spainblog said...

CR as you know because of our setup here it had to be doors, there will be curtains from the cave lounge to the office, but my old mum likes her privacy. Got the concrete on both of the roofs just as the heavens opened :-((

Been swearing at him upstairs since
However have the cave lounge floor concreted and the walls nearly finished in the bedrooms. If there is anything left of the concrete on the roofs tomorrow we will see about tiling. Foot is now bigger than ever and almost totally black with bruising, however it has allowed me to get on with some stuff we talked about which is going well.

Will update my blog, with any luck, tomorrow......note to self not luck ....good management............... Beam me up Scottie :-(

cave renovator said...

Cream: You have definatly got the idea my friend!

Mamaduck: Doors will at some point need to be shaved a bit, the main problem with doors though is on extensions (not cave) as these structures get pushed and not being as flexible can lead to problems with alignment. Caves are all over the world Andalucia is most famous though, you can find caves in Wales/France/China/Turkey and also made famous by the star wars movies are the caves in Morocco. There are other caves in the north of Spain but less concentrated to that of Andalucia.

Spainblog: Doors are better for your place definatly, thats the thing with every cave being different. Get that foot seen to!!!!

MamaDuck said...

I thought the Star Wars caves were a set! Wow! We saw inhabited caves in Jordan, too, near Kerak Castle and above Dana Village (both on the King's Highway), but there, the occupants had built drystone walls across the entrances. Nothing like your place. Bedu families live in caves in Petra too, but I didn't see any of those; presumably they're off the well-beaten tourist tracks.

MamaDuck said...

Curious I went to

and found this key at the start. I never got past it cos the Dutch version made me laugh, and the Danish one just cracked me up!

en: cliff dwelling
de: Höhlenwohnung
es: cueva en escarpado
fr: habitation troglodyte
it: abitazione in caverna
nl: grotwoning
dk: hulebebyggelse

Would you have contemplated doing this in Denmark?! I think the name is based on the Danish for 'f@%$#ing cold in here' heard through chattering clenched teeth, a woolly scarf and thick fur!

When I get back up off the floor, I might actually read the educational article, but right now - I caaaan't! ROTFLMAO!