Exterior Walls

Sometimes you need a little privacy, the cave next door is a holiday home and originaly had a shared by mutual agreement we built a partition wall.

Happy days....another delivery of blocks

The existing stone wall was as straight as a dogs hind leg which made things a little tricky, most of the stone was removed and a lower second wall built along side to add strength.

Drying in the sun, two blocks were placed in the wall the wrong way around exposing the cavity - just for decoration or a bottle of beer... you can just see one to the left of the milk churn.

And the finished job. The blocks were rendered by hand (using gloves - essential) to create a rustic effect.

Time: 7 hours

Cost: 3 bags cement @ €4 a bag 1 pallet of blocks €52, brackets (for pinning) €12

Total €76.00


Sally said...

Looks fab, Mac and Gayle, especially with all the colourful plants! By the way, is your concrete mixer free for a couple of days soon? Rob, my lovely son-in-law, is out on 20th and he's going to tile the base of the pergola so it's ready for the party. Mike will get a surprise as he thinks he's going to be doing it next time he's out!! xxx

Pebbles said...

Really like the wall - I would never have thought to turn one of the blocks the other way. I am taking notes for future reference.

cream said...

I love the way you've done it, especially leaving a space for a cool beer!
I'd say you got your priorities right, there!

Spainblog said...

I can confirm, that on close inspection this wall is brill :-)