Gone Fishing.......

Who said cave living was primitive? or is this just me tired of wild boar and fancy a change for supper? Our local area holds a few suprises and last weekend some neighbours took us for a picnic. It was great for the kids and a good day out too. Around 15km from Huescar there is a trout lake surrounded by woodland and wildlife.

The first catch...22 to go..

You can either take your own fishing gear or hire rods, in our case we hired canes (its all you need) you get a tin of sweetcorn and away you go.

The fish are rainbow trout and are around 1/2lb in weight and so easy to catch (although if you remain in the same place they do wise up) So after a couple of hours we had 25 trout between the 6 of us, time to weigh up.... €41.00 and that included the hire of the canes/line and bait, very reasonable and very tasty - the BBQ that night was thoroughly enjoyable.

Opening times: 9am - 1pm then 3pm - 7pm


cream said...

Sounds like the trout farm I went to in Auvergne(France)
We caught so many trout we had to give most of them away!

Sounds like a great day...

DCveR said...

Rainbow trout "dressed" in bacon is delicious... just in case you feel like trying it: wrap the trouts in bacon and bake them in an oven with olive oil and plenty of garlic. You can bake some spuds together with the fish too.

Pebbles said...

Hello there,

Just a quick question - I am planning on going on Sunday and wondered if there were any toilets as I am taking Nan!! Think this will be a fab day out - also taking a 5 year old and I think he will love it. Hope we catch something as we are bbq-ing it in the evening.

cave renovator said...

Pebbles: you are sure to catch something - its guaranteed! Toilet facilities, to be perfectly honest I did not see any when I was there, that doesnt mean that there arn't any though, I will try and find out before you go.