Bargain find...

Every so often we hear about a cave for sale, I have put this one on due to its asking price.... Please read the details before you look at the figure at the bottom of the page, its unbelievable! anyone who knows about the growth in the cave market will recognise this as a genuine bargain.
Ok here we go..
Living room with fireplace
Dining room with fireplace
Kitchen diner
6 bedrooms
Access is good and the cave is on its own, there is ample outdoor space for gardens and car parking. Water and electricity is connected. It is fully habitable. Sold fully furnished - you even get the crockery. The rooms are enormous - very high ceilings.

€125k £86k approx
You can also see the 30 room giant cave hotel above it (also for sale by the same person) at....


cream said...

Sounds very reasonable! And 6 bedrooms, too! Not bad at all!

DCveR said...

So why are they selling? It does sound like a great bargain.

Anonymous said...

For 6 bedrooms (on the basis that
you actually _want_ to use them
all as bedrooms) you definitely
need more than 1 bathroom.


cave renovator said...

Cream: its a snip at 125 mate honestly - might get you to buy one yet!

Dc: its going with the cave hotel above the guy is retiring - it all has to be sold

Pete: agreed but a younger family with 2 kids. 3 bedrooms, office, storeroom, games room? could be great..

Anonymous said...

Looks very good.
Have you got any more photos of the outside? and its location?


cave renovator said...

Tony, I will be taking more photos in the next week or so but they wont be published on this site. If I can help you with any further details visit the link and click on "enquiries" I will be happy to email further details and photos