At last the pool is finished. The bottom was tiled, grouted and then some silicone placed around the edges. Bamboo free from the local village was clad to the sides....the kids love it.

Our Spanish neighbours are recycle crazy and have also wanted a compost container for some time now. So over a couple of beers we agreed that it would be built in time for there next holiday in August. Compost is a good idea in the campo due the soil being very acidic in a nutshell to grow plants and vegetables they need all the help they can get, natural compost is also very beneficial for pots etc and the compost bin can be any size - we went big.

This time of year sees harrowing of the young pine tree plantations to aid irrigation - this turns up plenty of stones, most of them flat and ideal for wall building.

7ft x 4ft. Plenty of compost between 2 cavehouses. The stones were "spot" cemented in place to allow gaps from top to bottom - airiation is important for compost, it will also be turned from time to time aswell to help speed up the breakdown of contents.

Last time I did mention snakes due to the fact that at this time of year there are plenty of them and also because I nearly stood on one the other day too, he was probably around 2.5 feet long. Unfortunatly I have no pics but next up............creatures that fall down the chimney in the night...


Imagemaker said...

What a classy pool - the bamboo makes it look very special. Better put some netting over it at night or you may get some unwelcome visitors taking a dip during the night!


Stef said...

what a beautiful pool. I'll have to hire you to built one in our garden in London...or shall we move down to Granada instead where there's good reasons to have a pool?