Cave Chimneys

Over a century ago our cave was dug out by hand, although the main purpose of the cave was animal housing at some point it was lived in by people. This is why our cave (as most do) had a ready made chimney. Looking at the photo below you can see just how big this hole is - running all the way up through the rock. Digging extra rooms is difficult enough but I dont envy the man that had to carve this. In comparison to most caves ours is a little thin on top (around 3m thick) some caves have chimneys that are 5 times longer than that.

So an easy job to place the flu in the existing hole, however sometimes you can end up with an unexpected guest...

and here he is..

The scratching inside the fire had me puzzled for a good hour wondering where it was coming from and what it could be, eventualy he was found and after being released from his prison flew a couple of circuits of the living room before finding his freedom through the front door.


Spainblog said...

I would have died with fright if that little visitor had been found in my home.

I would rather be face to face with a mountain lion or a bear than a bird. I am terrified of them. How sad is that?
My chimney will deffo have mesh on it to make sure I do not get any unexpected visitors.

Pebbles said...

We had a little visitor down our chimney last year before we sealed up all the gaps - it was a scorpion!!!!

cream said...

If you had lit the fire, it would've flown like a bat out of hell!
Too hot, anyway!

MamaDuck said...

Hey there. Home again and catching up. Gorgeous fire and woodstore! I am now more appreciative of all things home-grown, home-cooked, home-made,and home-built, especially those that involve pulling, digging, hacking, concreting and trying to do it before the sun reaches its zenith! Ain't it grand?!