Decoration ideas - Horse shoes

Caves just love rustic decor, it fits in so well with the theme. This idea came to me after visiting some friends who own horses.

Take 3 horse shoes and grind one in half. Spot weld the two halves to the whole shoes and mount them on the wall, they make ideal (and very strong) coat hangers, saddle hangers etc etc. The shoes can be directly mounted onto the wall or screwed onto a varnished block of wood and then mounted. The wooden block can also be "chained" and stained with coffee or a wet teabag before varnishing to make even more rustic.

nearly done...

So something attractive and practical at the same time - the next job is to hang a pair up either side of the bbq for cooking tools.

Todays cave temp: 23 degrees (outside 39 degrees)


Pebbles said...

Good idea - I also popped a horse shoe into the wall horizontally then put some butchers hooks hanging off it and hung all my utensils that way!!

Spainblog said...

Excellent Idea! Never considered horse shoes

DCveR said...

The place is looking nicer and nicer by the day!

cave renovator said...

Pebbles: great, these items so suit a cave I think - its the rustic charm

Spainblog: if you can get a hold of some they are both attractive and functional :)

Dc: Thanks, little things make all the difference..