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Not quite famous yet but you never know....!

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    Pebbles said...

    Yeah I never knew your name was Iain until I posted another article about you on my website that I found on a google search!!! So maybe you are famous!!

    cave renovator said...

    Pebbles: Long time no speak! Hope you guys are enjoying the summer. I think coz the subject is so niche it gets up the rankings simply because it has no competition! btw you got that bbq built yet;)

    DCveR said...

    Hams from the caves! Way to go!
    Seriously I think you really got things going there. Best of luck for your business!

    Spainblog said...

    Hey !

    You know we read the article, well done guys.....whoo hoo.

    From little acorns, I see a massive oak from where I am standing and u know where I

    Seriously delighted for you guys :)

    cave renovator said...

    Dcver: many thanks for your enthusiasm - its very much appreciated!

    Spainblog: we wouldnt have been where we are now without you guys.....;)thanks again, CR

    Spainblog said...

    Of course you would. You are the guys who are making this happen, we are just cheering in the wings.

    Love to Both


    cream said...

    Congratulations, CR!