Cave Campo

Caves can be found in concentrations in many areas, some of the more popular villages and towns include Guadix, Galera, Orce, Huescar, Cullar and Castillejar. We opted for something a little further out into the countryside and found our Hamlet of Fuente Nueva the ideal spot.

Consisting of just over 100 caves in two seperate barrios we have both Village life nearby and Campo life on the door step. Below are some photos taken by our neighbour just a few days ago.

images contributed by M.Capdevila
next up: Are you suited to cave life...??


cream said...

CR, been a bit busy but I congratulate you on what you've achieved!
What a life!
A dream of a life!
Keep it up, marra!

cave renovator said...

Cheers Cream, thanks for the encouragment, dream life with a bit of stress now too! I,m not complaining honest ;)