Suits you Sir! - or does it???

"The Englishman always has to have his newspaper and his cup of tea"
Edward Alder
Talk to a modern day cave dweller in Andalucia and you will probably be bombarded with a stream of factual information accompanied by an enthusiasm you have never seen the likes of before. Cave dwellers are very proud of their unique home and rightly so but living in a cave is not for everyone...
when the lights go out they go out!

Caves to a certain degree are still "tagged" with the poverty image, although this is disappearing rapidly. Many people still do not know what caves are and fear to imagine how a family could live in such a hole with damp walls, no water, electricity or services that they are used to in this modern age. All of this is of course rubbish but there are other factors to take into consideration...

So you fancy a cave life?

A village location is certainly an option but remember villages are still remote in Spain compared to UK living. The campo can be even more remote given its location so expect a 10-15 minute drive to the nearest shop - popping out for a pint of milk is a little difficult!

If you are claustrophobic - forget it, although that said many caves are even more spacious than a conventional house - the whole "underground" thing that sometimes gets to people.

Do you need your fish 'n' chips or a cinema or local Tesco's? Maybe cave life isn't for you. Feel you can't or won't speak Spanish? - its essential, you will be able to struggle by but a basic grasp of the lingo should be one of the highest priorities, it will help with day to day situations, jobs, medical circumstances, schooling etc etc.

There are many things to think about, not just the actual cave but its location and culture that surrounds the area. When we were looking at caves on the internet prior to buying we were very enthused but nothing prepared us for walking into our first cave and seeing it for ourselves. We loved it immediately but others will head for the airport...


Sally said...

Totally agree with you CR. Cave life is definitely NOT for everyone - caves either "grab" you or they don't. That's whay it's nice to keep in touch with other like-minded Troglodytes! x

Spainblog said...

Yes I have to totally agree with your views here. I think if someone comes from the city and have never experienced country life, then the campo can be a bit of a culture shock. I reckon that those who do come to Spain and want to buy a cave, must have a certain mind set. That said, a lot who do come from the city are actually yearning for this way of life.

I was born a townie, but moved into the country when I was about 10 and have lived in the country ever since. Living in a town now would do my head in.

I wonder what other misconceptions people have with regards to cave houses?

cream said...

CR, you might wake up one day and find a "Cave Tesco" parked by a cinema near you! That would be a real nightmare!
As for fish'n'chips, dream of Whitby and grab a bag of salt'n'vinegar crisps, my friend!

Pebbles said...

Yeah the campo life is definitely not for everyone - when my friend came over to visit me she finally understood why I thought Scarborough was too big!! with her originally being a Rotherham lass she found Scarborough too small so you can imagine her thoughts on the 'campo life'!!!!

Spainblog said...

Oh cream no!! Horror of all horrors let whitby keep their fish and chips (good as they are, I lived not too far away) And let Tesco stay where they are. No that would not be good at all and I would havet to move again which I really do not want to do right now or any time in the near future.