Cave Gardens

The climate in Andalucia is such that you can grow certain herbs and vegetables that would be difficult (if not impossible) to grow in colder northern European countries. Every cave should have a garden whether it be a patio, terraces or 20 hectares of land - or even a combination of all three. Smaller gardens like my own can be utilised to grow many herbs and vegetables and the feeling is always nice when you know that you are eating your own produce!

Manure is essential due to the soil being very acidic and always remember plenty of water in the morning and in late evening when the sun is less prominent in the sky. Potatoes, peppers, chilli peppers, mint and a whole range of plants can be grown in pots, not just in the garden so experiment! Many of the herbs available in Spain require little attention other than water and add that little corner of greenery that is always welcome in any garden or patio.

Chilli peppers - very very hot, lots of colour when they turn red...

Green peppers - organic and enormous!

Parsley - Old English or broad leaf (welcome in any fish dish) grows like mad and can be dried for use throughout the year.

Rosemary, strong smell and will flourish in any garden (requires less water) great with Catalan sausages or over a leg of lamb in the wood burner with roast potatoes, carrots and turnip

Other essential garden herbs/plant/fruits we have enjoyed success with are:

* Coriander

* Peppermint/Applemint

* Turnip

* Beetroot

* Pumpkin - just in time for Aug 31 !!!!

* Melon

* Runner/broad beans

* Cucumber

* Courgette

* Tomatoes

* Cherries

* Apricots

* Plums

Right I'm off for tea. Next up..... "movement"


Cream who's sick of Blogger... said...

Hi, CR! Green fingers or what!!! Them peppers look delicious and the parsley so healthy!
I have tried to reply to your email but it was returned.
I will try again.

Pebbles said...

I am taking note!! Will be starting the extension on the back for my patio (shared with my sister) and we definitely want lots of veg and herbs.

cave renovator said...

Cream: Sick of blogger..- tell me about it! Having all sorts of probs at this end, cant leave any comments anywhere either. Email is working ok though,

modern technology GGRRRR..

MamaDuck said...

They look lovely! You might want to try corn too, especially if you're getting chickens. I put corn in on my balcony one August (very hot, very humid) and it grew like billy-o til it was taller than I am (admittedly no great challenge). Kath was talking about growing corn to feed her chickens, provide straw for bedding, and then add, chicken-poo and all, to the compost heap. Sounds like a good plan to me.