Cave Cracks

Following on from the "Do caves move" post here are some photos of what you can expect. The movement will differ greatly depending in the area and the cave itself.



Indoor seating area

Kitchen wall

Nothing to worry about but it does take regular maintainence, a spare bag of yeso and a tin of paint are handy things to keep in. Cracking of plaster will sometimes occur around fireplaces in the winter with the heat aswell. Just a short post coz things are a tad busy at the moment!



Spainblog said...

Yeso and hairspray are the things of the honest trust me! Just found a miracle cure for my pantry so that I can get the ceiling finished. Posted it on crus forum under renovation. Where the idea came from I do not know, it just launched itself at

Going to check for cracks, other than the obvious

Cream said...

Keep on top of the crack, CR! You don't want the cave caving in! ;0)

cave renovator said...

Spainblog: Excellent, normally its diluted wood glue but a tin and you could be onto a winner :)

Cream: Mate, you crack me up :) (sorry)