Say it with Melons...

Gratitude from the locals is something that never fails to amaze us. A simple favour for a local parent one day resulted in 2 carrier bags full of fresh melons grown from their garden. The favour was to take their little girl to school one morning because the local police car was in the garage, of course we had to take CR Junior anyway so it wasnt much of a chore.


In fact we had so many of them we had to give some away ourselves. This kind of gesture is very common in rural areas and makes you feel like part of the community. A few months ago we stopped to help a guy who's car had broken down, we eventualy towed him home and had a look around his cave. We met his wife and daughter and were invited round for a meal one night, since then we have helped each other out with building work, collecting wood etc and I know if my car ever breaks down who to ring! The sense of community spirit is very strong in rural hamlets and its a good genuine thing to become part of. Afterall you never know when you might need a helping hand.


DCveR said...

Guess that means they think of you as good neighbors... it seems you're just getting what you deserve! ;)

cave renovator said...

Dc- thanks for your comments, we can but try!