Cave music

I once read a few years ago when first investigating caves that you could have a live rock concert in your cave and the neighbours wouldnt hear it. Whilst this may be a little enthusiastic you can play your music loud - in fact very loud. Now that renovations are almost finished and we are prepped up for the winter we decided to dig around in some old boxes and find some forgotten DVD's.

The system we have is a Sony, 5.1 dolby digital etc etc. It is rigged up in the central room of the cave and tweaked for optimum performance. Now at this point I would like to say that my music taste is a bit variable...! For starters I put on Linkin Parks Reanimation DVD and then Metallica's amaligimation with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, both are optional on DTS and the sound in a cave is nothing short of impressive.

Why? Well the caves insulation properties dont just apply to temperature. Two meter thick walls simply do not let the sound go anywhere, there are no floor boards or carpets to absorb sound either which makes for crystal clear enjoyment. On a decent system the sound wizzes around the room anyway but in a cave room its clarity is unbelievable! The other noticable thing is lack of vibration so bass can be set higher than normal. High quality movies are also very good in Dolby and DTS. In short if you are a music lover or film buff then buy a cave!

Tubular Bells is also in the top 10... What are you listening to?


Sally said...

Well you know me, CR, I'm a bit of a rock chick...LOL! I do have quite an eclectic mix of music,though - my Guns'n'Roses sounds really good in the cave, but I find I'm listening to a lot more mellow stuff now. My favourite at the moment is "Undiscovered" by James Morrison, a CD which my younger daughter, Ami, sent me out from England as she thought I'd enjoy it. Also enjoy a bit of Snow Patrol and Jack Johnson. x

Atila The Nun said...

Snow Patrol, now you are talking. Also love Enigma whilst smoking unconventional cigs ;-)

My fav snow patrol song is chasing cars

Once I get the cave lounge sorted and the pro logic in there is going to be some serious sounds coming from my cave

Atila The Nun said...

I forgot to mention that I am listening to my daughters track that she recorded for me 2 years ago Xmas and that she is a very talented singer....... Sheesh I forgot she reads this and I just got told

Sorry CR I just had to :-0 my life was in danger!!!

sue said...

Snow Patrol and Primal Scream which has to be heard very, very LOUD!! Apparetly, we'll be able to put our own cave to the test in December when it will be ready to move in to......YESSSSSS!!


Jin said...

Whenever I've got a pile of ironing to do, I put on an Il Divo CD. I live in an apartment in the middle of a city & because I have to put up with neighbours screaming brats, feel that they can put up with my music once a week!
I'm just daydreaming now.....I wonder what my CD would sound like in a cave............ahhhhhhhhhh.....pure bliss!