When Summer ends..

It seems this year's Summer has come to an abrupt halt, temperatures have been slowly on the decline for the past couple of weeks. This week has seen thunder storms with some spectacular lightning across the mountains and some heavy and persistant rain.
September is generaly a nice month, not so much scorching heat - it feels a little more comfortable but can be quite chilly in the early mornings and late evenings. We are not anywhere near to lighting the fire the yet though! The temperature in the cave at present is maintaining a steady 21 degrees and feels very warm after being out late at night.

Our new visitor

and getting ready for the winter....

Some of you may think that this pile of wood is maybe a bit premature..."poco a poco" is the key, it will be nice when the real cold weather comes and not have to worry about starting fires or ordering wood. Notice the red saw hanging up in the centre of the pic, guess who is going to be busy..? the thought of a glass of Glenmorangie in front of the wood burner will keep me focused!


Pebbles said...

Time for lighting the fire comes a little earlier for us as we have to try and keep Nan warm!! I love the smell in winter of everyone burning their wood.
We haven't got our supply sorted although we do have some wood left over from last year that will keep us going for a while - lucky that you can nip into the campo for a bit here and there!!
The weather just changed over night!! There is a definite drop in the temp (infact I can actually stand being outside in the day again!!).
I like your little guest - I have a baby lizard that pops up from the back of the computer in the morning when I am working - it is so cute.

Cream said...

It is really weird to imagine yous in front of a log fire in Spain!!!
I remember we had to install an AirCon system on the Costa Blanca because it was freezing two Januaries ago!

imagemaker said...

Mmm - I can smell the woodsmoke from here....lovely! I'll bet all those beautiful chimneys make quite a picture when puffing out smoke on a crisp winter's day.

DCveR said...

What's with the weather? I was counting on having some time at beach this September... tough luck.