Big caves

How big can caves be? Well this one is unreformed but absolutley enormous. It is not for sale. In total there are 24 rooms with the main room being probably around 100sqm. You can walk in one of the three front doors of this cavehouse and emerge out another on the other side of the hill, in total the facade is approx 100m long which stretches along a winding road.

I call it a cave house due to its stone built external building which is two stories high exposing the interior because the original frontage has fallen down over time or was demolished due the tarmac road being built. It has 3 fireplaces, a flight of stairs and is overall on 3 levels. In the main room you can walk around a huge supporting caverock pillar, there are 3 corridoors from this room leading to bedrooms or other parts of the dwelling.

The state is very bad although just at the front, some rooms have seen yeso long ago and the ceilings appear very safe deep into the cave. One room has huge concrete supporting joist sticking out of the wall - I have asked the purpose of these to various locals but no-one seems to know! Apparently one of the many large rooms was used to harvest mushrooms. One reason for caves with many rooms is that years ago when a member of the family was due to have a baby then another room would be dug, imagine triplets... It would not be unusual to find three generations of the same family living in one large cave.

To put this enormous cave into perspective, my own cave has 2-3 bedrooms, an office, living room, bathroom, small library, kitchen, bar/tv room and is regarded sizeable at 110sqm. The monster described above has to be a minimum of 1000sqm not including the outbuild. It is a fantstic example of an unreformed rural cave and may someday command a very high price.

Fingers crossed I win the lottery.. Enjoy the pics.

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