Caves, Kids & Halloween

Well its that time of year again, around comes the 30th of October and I get commissioned to carve out the pumpkins. Living on a farm in the UK it usualy involved a mile hike to the turnip field then 3 hours drilling them out so in that respect Andalucia is much easier..

Last week Mrs CR placed the order with our local green grocer and we handed over 6 euros for the three, one big one and two smaller ones, below is the big one - looking at it now it even scares me...!

Windows and doors closed just to see if they all work.

So manana the kids will arrive, fire will be on, loads of candles and some spooky music (and its fancy dress - no escape!)


Pebbles said...

Sounds fun CR. We are going to the old cemetery tomorrow night to scare ourselves silly!!!

Its no longer used but there are a few coffins still there (and they are open - however no bones, think the dogs have had them!!!!)

P.S Happy Birthday Mrs CR for tomorrow xx

Atila The Nun said...

Well done Pebbles exactly the message I was about to post. Happy Birthday Mrs CR. email card waiting for your acceptance. Cr I missed yours due to many factors but I have asked OH to get you something from the UK as a belated gift. I am not always that efficient despite reports to the

cream said...

I only did one pumpkin last night for the grandkids. Not as handsome as yours I might add! But I kept the seeds, sprinkled them with salt and toasted them in a low oven!