Cave for sale

With prices of caves steadily on the up and up finding something unreformed through an agent for less than 50,000 euros is becoming more and more difficult. An unreformed cave you may think would be worth very little given the amount of work involved to make it habitable, for an experienced building team though they can reform a cave in a matter of weeks. The work is not complicated either, in alot of cases a breeze block structure will be attached to the front for the kithen or bathroom or both. The main structure is already in place and will have been for decades so once the pipes have been laid, cesspit in place and electrics channelled it is really only cosmetics.

So price? unreformed caves are rising in price at the same rate as reformed caves, this is due to the potential they hold to be fantastic homes. For any potential cave buyer expect to be spending 100,000 euros for a decent sized cave with all amenities and good access. However the odd one still exists under this price bracket..... Have a look around the web and see if you can beat this one for price given its size, condition and location.

5 bedrooms
2 Living rooms
Dining room
2 Pantries
Large Patio
2 storey attached building
Tarmac access
All sewerage and electrics
Hamlet location with services
Easy arterial access to main villages and town

85,000 euros

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    cream said...

    Really amazing value, CR!
    I wish I were free to up sticks!

    cave renovator said...

    Cream, c,mon mate you know you want to! its a snip at 60k GBP!