Making life easier

A few weeks ago we invested in a petrol chainsaw, a great tool for making short work of dry pine from the wood. However, even with a chainsaw it can be heavy going bending down and cutting lengths of wood on the floor so we built a saw-horse. This is basicly just a frame built up to waste height that you can rest wood on to make cutting easier.

a few lenghts of wood with segments chipped out with a wood chisel to provide a flat purchase for screwing together.

Frame coming together with 2 V-shaped crosses at the top for holding the wood in place

and the finished frame with cross members screwed in to provide extra strength, also a foot rest was screwed onto the front to help provide a good stance while using the chainsaw.

One benefit of chain sawing wood on top of wood is that the blade wont skim the ground with the potential to hit earth and stones and blunting the teeth on the blade. The main benefit whilst using what is effectivly a very dangerous machine is that you are sawing in a more comfortable position and the wood is securly held in place - this also reduces the risk of the chainsaw kicking back.

A chainsaw in rural Spain will set you back 150 euros for a an entry model, we opted for a more well known and reliable make and spent 230 euros for a small machine. Less powerfull and electric saws can be picked up from 100 euros.

Next up, 125,000 euros worth of cave going for 85k

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