November Rain

Some pics from sunny Spain. This year has been quite wet, even through the summer months we had a few good heavy showers - around Orce village anyway. It can pour down in one village and be bright sunshine in the next 5km down the road. On the way to the village there had been a small mud slide which covered the road - still passable and a normal occurance. The pics below were taken after 2 days of steady rain.

This is when campo life can be a bit of a pain, the mud sticks and dries like concrete, taking the dogs out can be a messy business...

"Barro" or mud is horrendous on rural tracks. Its a sticky substance that can only be decscribed as glue when you walk in it. It sticks to car tyres, your shoes, pets feet and you cannot help but get at least some in the house! On the upside this rain does the gardn the world of good - we will have some cracking fresh white potatoes for Christmas..!

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