Beer bottle floors...

On the approach to the festive season I thought a post on beer might be appropriate...In the archives you will find an entry on using beer bottles to help the insulation of a floor - instead of using loads of conctrete.

However a friend of ours is currently using this technique so I grabbed the chance to take some pics.

Plenty of drinking to be done for a whole floor, this is 20m2 of empty bottles. The bottles are strong and the trapped air makes for excellent floor insulation. One other benefit is that you use half the amount of concrete and are recycling at the same time.

Planning a floor in the new year? Keep those bottles....


cream said...

Great idea, CR!
Will have plenty empty bottles by the end of the year!

Pebbles said...

Hmmmmm - even better to use Gin bottles!!!

Its usually me laying on the floor after the bottle of gin is empty - not the other way round


Hayden said...

what a great idea!