Unreformed Wrecks

There are still plenty of unreformed caves about, in Fuente Nueva probably around 40% are unreformed. The problem is that in many cases the owners dont want to sell just yet as they have seen prices rise over recent years. What was either un-sellable or worth maybe a few hundred euros 5/6 years ago is now worth 20,000 euros and rising... In other cases the owners are not traceable or one member of a large family does not want to sell, either way gathering information about an unreformed cave can be difficult as it is unlikely to be registered to anyone or have an escritura.

Fancy a bargain? They are still there, one cave in the local hamlet is going for 5000 euros but requires an enourmous amount of renovation, on saying that the land it occupies is worth the 5k on its own. The cave in the first pic below is not for sale but the two caves behind it (out of view) were sold last year to a builder for 16000 euros - 8k each, not bad at all.

Below, beyond salvation? not much to see here but it is a cave...

Below, 18000 euros last year, 25000 euros this year and if anyone shows interest that price may well go up to 30k plus. Bad frontage and the living room needs roof support but the inside is 75% plastered and clean as a whistle.

This one would make a nice holiday retreat but no-one knows who or where the owners are.

Next up, corals and pig pens


Atila The Nun said...

Do I qualify as an 'Unreformed wreck' or is it just the way I am feeling right

cream said...

A uniformed wreck, that's what I used to look like after a hard Saturday night on the stove!
! I think one must have a lot of passion and patience to undertake this cavernous business!
Hats off, CR!

cave renovator said...

Atila, nah mate, you have enough on at the moment - not to long now before it all falls into place...

Cream, you havnt seen me after bbq'ing for 20! - San Miguel always lends a hand in the form of a cold tinny or 3. Cavernous business? its all cement and plaster honest!

David Allberry said...

Pioneer Productions are currently producing the second series of the highly successful 'World's Most Extreme Homes'.

Do you live in an unusual cave home or do you know someone that does?
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Atila The Nun said...

David are you following me?

Vanessa ;-)