Cave Chimney Design

If you are lucky enough to buy a reformed cave then a chimney will probably be the last feature of the cave you think about when first walking through the door. For a semi reformed cave or a "wreck" then a chimney may need some thought.

You can of course choose any design you wish although my opinion is to remain with the flow, different villages do have different chimney designs. Building one yourself is quite easy, in our case a foundation was dug on the roof, filled with concrete and then bricked up to create the body. On top we placed a few more bricks inkeeping with local design and rendered the entire structure (no need to render the inside)

White chimneys stand out and look good, stone built structures are less dominent over the landscape but create that rustic touch.

Maybe a chimney suggests the trend inside a cave? A good well done structure looks great as will the rest of the dwelling inside and out. Something that resembles a half rendered dogs hind leg will not.


cream said...

You're right there, CR! The chimney is definitely the HEARTH and soul of a cave!

Atila The Nun said...

Always imortant to make sure you put a hat on it. Our sitting room chimney had been sealed at the top and during the summer it was opened up, sadly the chaps forgot to give it a hat to stop the rain. And yes its raining doh!

cave renovator said...

Cream> humerous as ever my friend, when are you buying one? I will get you tempted yet!

Atila, always a good idea to cap the chimney either at the top or the bottom, preferably both. Your lucky to have two - great features

Anonymous said...

I have a chimney fetish and ours is spanking new and looks very posh......and very white! We're having a wood burner installed and will be having the inaugural lighting of the fire beginning of December when we move in! You are right CR in that the style of chimney seems to follow the design of the others in the village - ours is a 'Galeran' one and is probably the most photographed chimney ever! :-)

Sue (Imagemaker)
P.S. Love your photos