Snow Aftermath

It came overnight and within 12 hours there was 1 meter of snow on the ground. Everything came to a halt - the village, the traffic, everything. A day later the snow stopped and started to melt as the temperature rose, as it began to melt we could see the damage that had been caused.

The pergola was under strain with the weight, that much snow is quite heavy, no damage to the cave although we did have to go up on the roof and clear the front to stop melting snow finding its way between the rock and the breeze block frontage. Up on the roof was even deeper, what would normaly take a 2 minute walk took 10 minutes - when its up to your waist it slows you down a bit!

Snapped trees, again under the weight and the car is still buried.


2 years ago we had 18 inches of snow - that was bad enough and it accumulated over 3 days, this lot fell in 12 hours.


MamaDuck said...

Wow! Well, I think you've proved your building skills now! Good luck to you, and all the other cave-dwellers. I hope the roads open soon. At least Atila and her girls can huddle together for warmth!

cave renovator said...

Mamaduck, thanks! and thanks for wishing us all luck. All is fine, we were snowed in for 3 days, just waiting for the sun to come out now...maybe a BBQ next weekend!