When the snow melts...

When 3ft of snow melts it creates alot of water, this is when campo living can get a bit dirty. This far out the single track roads turn to mud very quickly and although we have tarmac 100yds away its making that 100yds that means the difference between shopping for a leg of lamb or staying put and having a baked spud.

Today we had a parcel to be picked up and our courier braved the road stuck. Its not deep mud but has a certain consistency about it which makes life a bit difficult.

Need a tow?

Still 8 inches or so of snow on the ground, the JCB came the day before and cleared the way, we could get out but only in a 4x4.

A bit hairy having to keep the momentum going, the Jeep pulled the Merc Sprinter out - just, going around the bend at the end of the track was a bit tricky with two big vehicles fish tailing in the mud.

Next up..."una hacha" - a handy tool to have.

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Pebbles said...

I know the feeling - me and OH had to help push out a van that was stuck in the mud. A landrover was tugging and us pushing - however there were plenty of people watching and not helping and none of them said thank you when we got them out.