Campo leftovers

On a normal day walking our two German Sheperds we find a few remenants of animals that have not survived the harsh campo life, goats tend to get lost from the rest as well as sheep and the odd fox. Bones are usualy all that is left being bleached white by the red hot sun and the rest being devoured by the local population of vultures...

Its amazing what kids find, while CR junior was out with his Mum walking the dogs he found a feather....not a big deal until you see the size of it, from a vulture's wing - this is not from a small bird!

Put the pack of ciggies there to compare size and the floor tiles are 12 inches square.

Big ugly beasties but they serve a valuable purpose, cleaning up the campo.

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The Cave Gardener said...

Yes you can find all kinds of things in the Campo! Yesterday, on a hunt for truffles, my brother-in-law found a baby wild boar. Unfortunately her mum must have been killed by a hunter and she was only a few days old.
Not wanting to leave the little mite on its own he decided to bring it home and last night she slept in a card board box in his bedroom! Unfortunately this morning the little piggy died but atleast they tried to help her (even tried to bottle feed her last night!). bless!!!